Thursday, October 23, 2008

News: Boner for Bard

Nah, just playing. I'm finna talk about Wesleyan. I got a boner for Wesleyan. Ever heard of it? Yeah I went there. No big deal. It was just a good time, I mean, we were just hanging out. We didn't know we were gonna change the world. Me? I didn't know I was going to be the best financial services headhunter there ever is. It just kind of happened.

"Wesleyan University in Connecticut has spawned artists such as MGMT, Amazing Baby and Santogold - and there's more to follow. We investigate this nest of noise...". NME Magazine, basically UK's Rolling Stone, included this in their latest issue:
And from last time, Vanity Fair's take on Wesleyan in Hollywood.
"This tiny Connecticut university, with a total enrollment of 2,700, has turned out a shockingly disproportionate number of Hollywood movers and shakers. Herewith, some of the most likely to succeed..."
Here's an old video of Kids from when I was a freshman or maybe even a senior in high school:

MGMT is featured on the cover of Spin magazine this month:

Read here if you want:
Also, remember this anyone? This was also totally not a big deal.

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Vodkatron said...

also, wasnt pcu based on wesleyan?

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