Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Once again I have invaded the dreamscape of one of my friends like Freddy Krueger, this time my good buddy Anthony. He contacted me via gchat this morning:

Anthony: are you alive i hope?
in my dream last night you were in a motorcycle accident
Anthony: during part of a parade
obama was driving the motorcycle with you and three others
were drunk, dangerously clinging to the back
you fell off and your spleen fell out
Anthony: seemingly you were able to communicate from beyond death,
since gmail, facebook, etc. technologies had massed enough
of your personal data and language
Anthony: there was a youtube video of the fall
me: so this in fact might be the e-spectre of bob talking to you
Anthony: it was exactly like this..
i think victor vazquez may have also been involved somehow
it wasn't clear if he was logged in to your gmail
Anthony: so I'm either talking to victor right now, or e-spectre
Anthony: is that distinction even meaningful?

Of course, Anthony just confirmed what doctors (esp. Ray Kurzweil) have been telling me for years – that my body is more internet than man right now, and if I die, I could ostensibly live forever, as long as Victor keeps me logged in to shit.

This post just added 17 minutes onto my life.


PORTER said...

shit just got too real

Dap said...

Incredible. This has veered into THOUGHT-PROVOKING/INTERESTING territory, so now I must go...

Andrew said...

If Ray Kurzweil is right, I wanna run on floppy disk!

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