Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CF Edley Been A Minute Minute Assemblage

Hey guys, whassuper? I've been having a great time! The east was really fun. I like people there a bushel and a peck. But it was busy, and I didn't have much time to spend on yotub. But now I do. And I kinda came across a bunch of things I like a lot. Can you find the psycho-narrative golden thread? Or should I say, golden threat?

Starting off with my original GG charge [Reggae etc.], here's a really confusing Big Youth John Holt version:

I think that's just wonderful! What do you think?
Okay, cool. Did you know I have a favorite sweatshirt? I do! It's a Pierre Cardin sweatshirt that Pierre Cardin made at some point in time. Boy, don't you sometimes wonder what Pierre Cardin was really into in 1973?

That really cleared a lot of things up for me! Like that darker chicks should have to hold their necks on when it's windy on the roof. I didn't know that before!!
This song is good, but don't tell anyone you agree, cuz they'll call you CRAZY:

This thing is something nobody knows what to think/feel about:

What a genre! What endurance!
Okay, here's something really nice to end it with:

Don't you just love that?!
Okay, so yeah guys and guydettes, this has been great for me. What was I talking about?! I don't even know. Really I do hope you've had a fun time too! If you have any ideas you can put them in the comments section. I'd love to hear what you are thinking about! It's always really interesting for me to know what other people try to think about. People are fascinating!
Also, I should say thanks to all the lovely people who I had fun with back east, again. Really. Thanks a lot a lot a lot!



Dap said...

If yr not hungry you shouldn't have taken on the Hungry Man dinner. This is awesome though.


Trouble Talking About Asia is the best editing I've seen all year.

Rhonda Rhombus said...

my favorite thing about this post is that it's exactly like hanging out with you on a tuesday nite.

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