Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A visit from Kate: Cat's out of the bag I guess

As to charges of being a traitor, I can't help it if I need more and more outlets to express things that less and less frequently resemble coherent thoughts.  Blame it on the times.  Also Andrew Flint has another blog but "you" hired "him" anyway?  Double standard! Also, he gets paid more than me? the fuck?  Gender discriminiation is out in 2k10, we're going to lose our fan base of high rolling tweens if we don't modernize, and then this blog will no longer be financially viable.  Just sayin.  AF's post is actually a good segue to this one, as it also asks hardhitting questions about the psyche of the male musician.  
check it out though, i'm saving my smartest thoughts for y'all:

why do so many alt/indie musician bros like cats?
what does posing with a cat do for a musician bro's image/personal brand?
do u think u can tell the difference between a staged photo of a musician bro with a cat and a candid one?  
do u think the "candid" ones are really staged? 
are there fewer pictures of lady musicians with cats? if so, might it reflect a lower overall number of successful female musicians?  or is it because bros seem more sensitive when posed with cats but ladybros run the risk of being called cat ladiesDon't be scared! Just do you!  
is there such a thing as a digital cat lady?  for how long do I have to focus exclusively on cat-related internet based content before achieving that rank?  gotta be close right? 
did you know audrey hepburn had a pet deer? 
ernest hemingway and john cassavetes were cat lovers, and "lovable" "assholes."  what can we extrapolate from this?  i was going 2 put marlon brando in this category but i don't know actually if he was a dick.  however, attempts to google it do come up with this famous picture of him sucking dick
what is the relationship between masculinity, celebrity, and cats?  what about between homosexuality, celebrity and cats?
are there any risks or downsides 2 making wild generalizations about cats, musicians, celebrities or anything else?
why do all of the real beatles have cute pictures with cats but i can only find a picture of ringo with a baby lion?  what does he have to prove?
what about u?
when u start 2 many blogs, and get confused about which is which, does your cat comfort u? 

Kurt Cobain duh

Wayne Coyne
Keith Moon
Morrissey, David Bowie

George Michael, Freddy Mercury

difficult creative types

Ernest Hemingway, John Cassavetes

Marlon Brando, Jean-Michel Basquiat

Morgan Freeman, Jimmy Smits

So the winners are...
Audience award- Jimmy Smits and Mini Me.
1st place- Paul McCartney.  Unafraid of being outcuted by TWO kittens, or of being photographed flinging a cat at a camera.  You really are the cute one Paul.  Bonus points for this photo with gratuitous farmcat and mountain man beard.

Grand prize- Henry Behrens, who at the time this photo was taken was the smallest man in the world, and kept that shit in the house with him.  Damn.

As a bonus, to show good faith, I'm going to reveal one of my tips for online journalism:
When doing research to confirm a "theory" always first attempt to google exactly the phrase you are thinking of.  Here are some theoretical examples:
-is marlon brando a dick
-female celebrity with cats
-ed droste with a cat
-vampire weekend with a cat
-ringo starr with a cat?
-what is up with audrey hepburn and that deer
-famous midget with a cat
-was james mason a dbag
I find celebrity pet calendars hilarious since looking into them minutes ago.  This one unites Greta van Susternen, Steven Soderbergh, Jenna Fischer, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, Paul Rodriguez, and Warren Buffet!


Dap said...

Sullenberger dude creeps me out for some reason. He's so fucking pink! I added yr blog to the blogroll.

Dap said...

and even though it was my favorite shit i murked off we hate this web comic. best idea ever, but 6 months, COME ON GUYS! I blame Tal, he's a REAL LIFE MONSTER for that one.

boobs said...
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boobs said...

I am impressed you had the restraint to not mention:
David Crosby with his cat lookin like his hair
Steve Martin making a cat coming out of a top hat not look funny
James Mason making cat ownership look like a man's job

also Muhammad had a favorite cat named Muezza, Hemingway had very rare six-toed cats, Sir Isaac Newton FRS actually invented the cat flap, Christopher Walken wrote the forward to a cat care book, and Pope Benny 16's cat WROTE HIS MASTER'S AUTOBIOGRAPHY.

but why oh why is it so impossible to find a picture of Cat Stevens with a cat? no one has even photoshopped this Classic Dad Joke together. sigh. meow.

Kate said...

bob. yes. i never saw the nic cage one. i love it.

PORTER said...

You'd think Elizabeth Taylor would be a crazy cat lady, turns out ... chipmunks

Andrew said...

Dear Kate,
The power of the photo of Marlon Brando essing a dee is mighty. Perhaps it is you who should have many blogs. Any photos of washed up celebs fellating cats? There's a $100,000 book deal right there!

katrina said...

kinda feel like i'm crashing a party here but... i believe this group is apropos? there's a calendar in the works i think!


(arty bk doofuses hugging their cats, mostly)

Mooner said...

I invented liking cats you posers

shes said...


boobs said...


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