Sunday, January 10, 2010

FROM THE ANNALS OF THE FLINTERNET...Songs By Famous Men Who Think That Certain Women Are Pitiful

There's this trend, I've noticed, among successful male songwriters who pen tunes about foolish, pathetic women. These songs share multiple things in common: they express disdain rather than sympathy for the woman, they perhaps suggest past romantic encounters that are retrospectively viewed as regretful, and they imply that the singer has no fond feelings for the woman any longer. This type of song, which pops up over and over again, is clearly a shared expression of some relatively specific feeling that famous musician guys get. They find themselves surrounded by starfucking babes and, well, some of them are lame enough to write songs about. It should be made clear that these are not torch songs, and leave little room for the possibility of the women in questions finding redemption. They just talk about why the ladies suck.

Here are some prime examples:

Beck - Nightmare Hippie Girl

Most cutting line: "It's a New Age let down in my face / She's so spaced out and there ain't no space".

Led Zeppelin - Livin Lovin Maid

Most cutting line - "Alimony alimony paying your bills / When your conscience hits you knock it back with pills."

Rolling Stones - Stupid Girl

Most cutting line - "The way she powders her nose, her vanity shows and it shows / She's the worst thing in this world."

Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion

Most cutting line - "Talkin' about things that nobody cares / You're wearin' out things that nobody wears."

Bob Dylan - Idiot Wind

Most cutting line - "You're an idiot, babe / It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe."

The Attack - Created By Clive

Most cutting line - "I've got feelings and I need love / Like you need a mirror and a powder puff."

Van Morrison - T.B. Sheets

Listen Here

Most cutting line - "Now Julie, there ain't nothin' on my mind more further away than what you're looking for."

The Zombies - She's Not There

Most cutting line - "It's too late to say you're sorry / How would I know, why should I care? / Please don't bother trying to find her / She's not there."

The Troggs - Evil Woman

Most cutting line - "You ain't got no feelin' / Just your dirty dealin'."


Dap said...

"She's the worst thing in this world."

Really, that ONE PERSON is?


Roman said...

though the last chorus of idiot wind amends "you're and idiot babe..." to "we're idiots babe...", i must say.

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