Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ooops-WHAT!? It's Dubten?! Shit. CFE done did it.

Since my new years resolutions don't kick in till the 4th call it good that this is a best of 09 Gordy list or whatever.
Apparently Hima thought my whole life was about reggae and old soul. Turns out disco is pretty cool too though. Commas are asshole idiots though.
Order seems impossible. Shut up. Here's five really good tracks that i supposedly posted last year. I'll tell you which one's best at the end. Here's five really good tracks:

Slam Bam.

Saxon Sound is brilliant. Smiley Culture is the best name other than Carlton and the Shoes. That cut just goes on and on and hot. "Watch video more than television." Recently my friend asked me what language something was in, and then I translated the very buried english out of a Basement Jaxx song. So, maybe you won't enjoy that. But I hope you do. Silly skill.

Silly Games.

Janet Kay is a sadsweet genius. This song plays inside the chest. Rhythm like flutters. Get me rum, get me lambsbreath. Get me a girl in a hammock. Get me a shitty car and the wrong side of the road. Get me a rundown mansion full of silent bobo dreads.

Fire In My Heart.

Escape From New York? Really. This track changed my life a lil bit. But not as much as the next.

Yemmpa Aba.

Who the holy jerk is Ata Kak? Someone tell me something please. I love this guy more than anyone I've ever loved. I didn't really post this track, but did post the link to his catalog. Seriously about to call the Ghanaian ministry of culture and track the fool down, cuz he needs widespread exposure. Ata Kak is my artist of all time. Suffer the recording quality. Dance like a cripple. Swallow gasoline. Love your last cogent moments on earth. Ata Kak. Say it. I don't even care that this video cuts out before the song ends. Download it all cuz there's no telling how to get this fool guap.

So I hope that everybody had a wonderful party time and is ready for a better decade. Had a cool dream about eating a lot of raw meat on an airplane. Asked all my white friends how their faces stay on. Which is inappropriate, but still a good question. Glue? Static? Magic? Mine stays on with smoke. And with the knowledge that i can always dance like a lonely monster. Just copy the whole vibe of this dood in what remains in my eyes the best video ever:

2009 was an asshole idiot. Dubten gonna live bonk junks.

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Dap said...

Gully Creeper still the dopest dance/name I can imagine. 2010 forever, or for ONE ENTIRE YEAR, whatever. 2011 will be even MORE SCI-FI SOUNDING.

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