Thursday, January 7, 2010


rob typed this about 90 seconds after waking up, which was like 5 minutes ago:

so i had this dream right
where ray [tintori, the famed caterer] and i were in france but it was iphone france and we were moving on the map like in mario with the dotted lines and all
and we ended up in this women's bthroom where we were watching ladies shower, and then ray got a call about this concert that was gonna be joanna newsom (he called her newsie-som) and the band neu playing together one night only. joanna was gonna play tulipomania [by the hit British Sex-Pop band Boy Crisis] in its entirety and neu was gonna play Ys [by Joanna]. so ray wanted us to put together the guest list and it was really important but we couldnt find any paper, so we took this back door that ray said "led to the sarkozy" which appeared on the map but i think was actually the louvre, and there was dorms there like fauver [at everyone's alma mater, Ohio Wesleyan], and i had to find paper cause ray wanted to go back to the showers, but there was this mom in the dorm room and she didn't want me to mess up her sons papers because he was an accountant, so i kept having to write on carbon paper into the floor, and then call ray and tell him what it said. i finally got done, and found some printer paper, and rubbed the floor writings into the printer paper, btu then i got back into the secret tunnel and went to shower but all the girls screamed at me and ray said he'd already made a list.

Alright you baby freuds! Dissect this mess!


Andrew said...

I want to see Nicolas Sarkozy perform a cover version of Jettison Your Loved Ones while the surviving members of Neu! make sure that no one who isn't on the list can get in.

Dap said...

that last sentence holds the key.

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