Tuesday, March 30, 2010

FROM THE ANNALS OF THE FLINTERNET...Hang Out --> Passover --> Pass Out --> Hangover

This year, my mother and I decided to host a Passover Seder. Unfortunately, none of my friends wanted to come.

4:28 PM – Upon mother’s request, I tidied up the house by hiding all unseemly items (Third Reich flatware, radical Palestinian literature, etc.) in the garage before the massive influx of judgmental Jewish retirees begins. Should I start drinking yet? Probably. Will I? No. One must learn the fine art of pacing. And of not blacking out in front of aforementioned retirees.

Fig. 1 - A rare image of North American Jews in their natural habitat. Note the presence of spectacles and red wine.

6:45 PM – Went for a burn cruise under the guise of “returning some video tapes”. Fortunately for my plan’s success, none of the other Jews were hip to the American Psycho reference. I smoked some hash, the unleavened form of marijuana. This seemed appropriate, since it was all Moses and his band of wanderers had to take bong rips of during their 40-year desert adventure.

7:19 – Seder in progress. Being the youngest person at the table by a margin of no less than 30 years, I had to read all Four Questions. Thing is, in the Haggadas we used, they weren’t phrased as questions, but rather as statements. So I had to amend each with a Seinfeldesque, “What’s the deal?”. BAM! Turned it into a question! So glad I got stoned.

7:37 PM – A vicious argument over what qualifies as a “macaroon” just erupted. I left the table without excuse.

7:51 PM – The lady with short, grey hair has some sort of hearing-aid device implanted DIRECTLY INTO HER SKULL! It is somehow complimented by a super Star Trek-looking ear piece. Baller. Except she can’t hear worth shit.

8:07 PM – The retirees have begun prying into my personal life. No good can come of this. I just chased two Klonopins with a swig of gin. That ought to shut them up (or at least make me misinterpret their verbal judgments as enchanting psychedelic folk jingles).

8:23 PM – Just had a rousing, 12-minute conversation with a Matzo ball. Nice guy. He said his name was Christian, which I found odd.

8:40 – The women are arguing over who saw Joan Baez live in concert the earliest. Right now the winner is Ellen, with 1963. I am currently overhearing two separate conversations about Bob Dylan……..

8:43 – Now there are two conversations about Judy Collins! They both evolved independently. I feel as though I’m watching the origin of land-borne life itself. Except everyone keeps saying really embarrassing things.


RUN-N-L8 said...

oh andy- if i had been home, i'd been there faster than a maror burp!

R said...

i don't know you, but i think i love you.

pj said...

I've been trying to decide on which stereotype to leave a joke about.. but it always ends up coming out a little too mean.

Syd Flint said...

i'll limply give you a tip of the glass for having to endure this crap but i'll follow with a quiet sigh "oy vey..."

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