Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CF Edley guess we all wicked busy?

Well I know Boob is on tour with the Easton, PA H.S. Musical Theater Troupe running lights for their reportedly triumphant staging of the Broadway hit "Wicked," but what's the hold up with the rest of us posting and making each other synchronized-weepy? Hopefully nothing. Hopefully, we are all just depressed and uninspired. Even more hopefully, we all got stuck at the Winter Olympics. Vancouver is a hard town to leave. For serious.

And in this serious mood, in these serious, serious times, with the healthcare reform measures being pushed through Congress like a bag of Idaho potatoes up a anus-less preacher's ass, with the earth devestating the already devestated, with whale being served at premeir Santa Monica sushi joints, sad, sad whales, lonely stolen-from-the-great-blue-desert whales, sad giant beautiful smarter than us whales, with Jay-Z running our military, sadly, sadly I give you two versions, serious, serious sad-dubs, dubs that would make Lee Perry cry green tears, tears of mercury, tears of stone, serious tears:

What really?

AWESOME. Really awesome.

I love this job.

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