Saturday, March 13, 2010

\\\im back \\\gordon gartrelle block spot\\\ THOUGHTS ON GIGGS

giggs is coming out on the best label in the world xl records. giggs is the truth. this is the only rap i listen to right now and will listen to for the next 9 months. get familiar.

i half expect ALEC to finish this post with an "UPDATE" since he put me on to giggs and it took on a whole new meaning listening to it on his car speakers the other night. oh man, i felt so cool.

this joint "yeah", which we've since referred to simpy as "LOBSTA LUNCH", is what started my obsession with dude. pause. really only the hook:

"from sittin int he trap eatin monsta munch, to in a restaurant, lobsta lunch, yeah"

uk trap rap's the simple headline for his work but this dudes scarier than most trap rap dudes to me. he's not really inviting. alec accurately described him and his style as "that cat in class who would always breathe too heavy". or something like that. i believe this dude when he raps in a way that's akin to hell rell more than anyone else. i dont doubt the so icey cats in atl or jeezy or whatever trap rap you prefer being hard or whatever whatever, wacka flocka getting shot a minute ago seemed like good enough evidence (cause these days GETTING SHOT means you're hood, not AVOIDING GETTING SHOT), but they're also flashy in a way and incapable of painting the vivid imagery giggs does. when rappers rap about guns and then claim they're doing it to show people what their lives are like they tend to simultaneously glorify it. giggs rapping about moving weight sounds depressing as fuck, as it should.

heres what i think is dudes single f/ mike skinner, the streets

another thing that surprises me about dude is how he almost seems hell of awkward. thats not a good look for a rapper typically. even his name giggs comes from his childhood shy-ass giggle. every video i've seen of his involves at least 4 shots of him just looking at the floor. though i don't think that means he's not about grinding. we're almost brainwashed here into believing everyone that makes money is some charming, swagarific big shot talker. i never thought i'd quote memph but... I believe it was rapper Memphis Bleek who once said "the strong move quiet, the weak start riots". giggs strikes that nerve but maybe he's just a shy, awkward dude who also happens to move weight or whatever whatever. he's kind of the anti-swag rapper. THIS IS A GOOD THING

a final point is that english accents are cool. i loved s.a.s. because in the same way giggs reminds me of southern trap rap, new york's equivalent to the crunk and trap movement, dipset early-mid 2000s, has its own british equivalent in Mayhem and his brother who make up S.A.S.

but damn, giggs voice much cooler tho

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