Sunday, April 18, 2010

A visit from Kate: personal digital anthropology

Been awful quiet on here.   Everybody busy livin life I guess.  Good job y'all.  On a personal note, here are some of the things I've googled in the past few months.  Stars indicate I remember when and/or why I undertook the search.  $ indicates a search that was in some way precipitated by a conversation with another GG blogger.  Hyperlinks to results that were most relevant to my intentions. 
This functions as a bizarre sort of diary, onto which I can map recent experience in a completely nonlinear way.  E.g. I'm fairly certain I was drunk when I googled "quotes about life" but improbably sober and focused when I decided to learn more about "words that start with H." You should try it!  Then erase it all!

aafia siddiqui
ahab with a whale (image search)
al franken map*
baby razor*
be there in a few knots (not actually a phrase)
best ab toning exercises
birdman* (also)$
brian eno tammy wynette*
can you train pigs like dogs*
cottage industry
death metal rooster*$
driving with dilated eyes*
eating whales
eureeka's castle
fastest magician in the world*$
free willy mj
flying squirrel suit
gore orphanage haunted legend*
gucci mane
gummy bears
history of jetpacks
hydration vessel
how to carmelize onions*
how to start a militia*
human ovulation*
i feel when you
ice cream paint job*
is there a real life mario big world*$ (I have googled some version of this on at least 4 separate occasions)
kim jong il chef memoir *$
killer whale attack human
letters to a young poet
mario lopez* (image search)
most amazing banana bread (really good)
"mr. pizza cake" $ (image search)
my clinique facewash smells terrible why*
naked chinese man attacks car*
no more monkey business
places to smoke in newark airport* (remote googling for someone else)
puppy bowl lineup*$
put it on blast
people got a lotta nerve
psychology of extreme sports
quotes about life
rap video
razor that won't hurt a baby*
ride my turtle
roberto kusterle*
runaway jury
shakin it for daddy michelle trachtenberg
showgirls 2
situation room
smurf x-ray*
stooges rider
talespin theme*
time traveling hipster*
terrifying frog*
toys for pot bellied pigs*
unblocking people on gchat*
verdi mart*$
(photographic proof)

was james mason a dbag*
wax rhapsodic
wayne's world dog costume
what is up with whales
words that start with h*
xanax $
young chuck norris


Andrew said...

"what is up with whales" is an awesome Google search phrase.

Dhea Imoet said...

Promote donk ...''

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