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Hello Internet,

Several, several things.... I haven't been posting a lot of traditional web log stuff the last two weeks as work has begun to pick up and the weather getting nicer means doing real human being stuff as opposed to computer internet stuff. Let me take my entire rainy Monday to recap on cool shit I've come across on the internet and time-thief some blogging into my work day. Much of it may be scatterbrained and long but, uhh, that's how I roll...

Thus far, 2009 has been an immensely productive year in the world of lo-fi indie music. Wavves, for example, has taken off gaining praise from all over the place - even the NY Times. 2 years ago his album would have been far too lo-fi and unpolished for music nerds to like though it seems people are rethinking their sound quality elitism. "So Bored" is the type of song you might find super jarring but you'll have pop up in your head three weeks after hearing it only once at 4 AM while your friend you didn't feel like having talk at you (instead of to you) about music he's "really feeling" was doing exactly that on hypem on a macbook on a table covered with beers. I'm probably the asshole friend that did that. I hope it did pop up in your head weeks later. That said, he's just one of a shit ton of new projects coming out making beautiful tunes.

The tendency is always to wonder what bands from back then could do with today's technology - I mean I always wondered what Biggie would sound like on a Neptunes beat - though I'm very, very content with hearing what todays bands would have done back then with that set of tech limitations plus decades worth of other inspirations. Here are some other lo-fi bands I've been digging - some well known, others not: Dum Dum Girls, Vivian Girls, The Mayfair Set (Dum Dum Girls + Blank Dogs), Night Control, Nite Jewel, The Woods, POPO (three south asian brothers from philly - listen to "kill tonight", now!), and Ducktails.

This song has invaded my brain this past beautiful weekend and I am absolutely crazy for it and it is beautiful like the weather on Saturday was and I hope you like it.

The Woods - Dark (via GvsB)

Also via GvsB, here are some songs by the aforementioned The Mayfair Set that I've been digging:

The Mayfair Set - Desert Fun

The Mayfair Set - Already Warm

Also it's the death anniversary of indie lo-fi bedroom orchestral pop artist Notorious B.I.G. Listen to "Party and Bullshit" four times today, I know I will.

Switching gears... is a cool website page that takes an inside look at the homes of various "cool" music, art, fashion, design people around the world. About a month ago I frequented that site and, perhaps inspired by my wanting to move back to BK in a studio, gained an affinity for looking at how people's cribs look, how they save space, and the cool type of shit they put inside of it. Then I forgot about it. Then 3 weeks ago the Times ran a piece called "Indian Modern Redux" on the East Village home of Namita Luthra, a South-Asian-born public interest lawyer and Anil Shrivastava, a partner at Vestar Capital and ex-Bain & Co. partner.

Their home is hugely inspired by India but with a very modern minimalist twist. I was blown away to find the interior design equivalent of a Siona Benjamin painting or anything Diaspora-related that combines traditional Indian influences with modernity (aka my favorite shit). The floors are covered entirely in dark brown concrete, finished with a glossy sheen, inspired by the heat-sensitive conrete floors of Indian homes. Every piece of furniture in the home slides out of a wall or the ground or some nook, so the inside space is very open. For example, there's a 14-foot dining table with seats for 10 that fold out of nowhere like a Murphy bed. "Though the choice of white is decidedly purist, the open panels reveal splashes of rich Indian hues like saffron, persimmon orange and peacock blue." Some photos by Elizabeth Felicella:

Dude's home office:

Speaking of Brown people, there's an event called I Want Your Sex - screenings and conversations on the changing visual landscape of South Asian intimacies and sexualities in film, media, image & contemporary art - occuring at Sepia Gallery (148 E 24th Street) on 3/15. Mira Nair, Abhay Deol, and Sunil Gupta amongst others, are attending. RSVP to $ 20 bones. Who wann roll with me?

Did you know there's a young Swiss furniture designer named Jorg Boner?

Let's take a minute to steal images of KewL ClOTheZ from

B Store recently dropped this biker-like jacket that looks much doper when not zipped up:

Cool Frank Leder Spring '09 jacket:

Some hatties from Rag & Bone

rag-and-bone-hats-front Rag & Bone Hats for Spring 2009

Versus new Billy Kirk hatties:

Whoa: Raf Simons sunglasses for Linda Farrow Vintage:

linda-farrow-raf-simons-aviators-front Raf Simons for Linda Farrow Vintage Sunglasses

Awesome new Trench from Shipley & Halmos:

shipley-and-halmos-trench-coat-front Shipley & Halmos Belted Trench Coat

Interview with the guys from Corpus:

Unrelated, Vanity Fair interview with Panda Bear:

Unrelated, Elliot Wilson's has officially launched!

Photos from last week's Ryan McGinness exhibition at Deitch:

ryan mcginness deitch projects recap 1 Ryan McGinness Exhibition at Deitch Projects Recap


Ok ok ok ok. Real work beckons. That said, I downloaded 15 awesome Soca and Dancehall Reggae songs last week and hopefully after further digesting them I'll throw a couple up here soon. There's also an insanely long and very good poem I came across by a Kenyan-Indian-American spoken word artist called Shailja Patel bla bla bla.. Gotta go.


PS - this also:

Also, Epic Failure on my part to miss Sita Sings The Blues on PBS this past weekend after blogging about it but luckily it's on the net now to view. Actually I knew I'd watch it on the net. Which I haven't done yet but will sooooon. This is going to be awesome:

PSPSPS: I want to read this jawn:

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