Thursday, March 26, 2009

\\\blogging is fun

\\\lets see, couple tings:

we (DR) were going to be mentioned in the next issue of blender but that's not happening because the magazine folded this morning. +30 to unemployment line. according to gawkzy, "paid subscriptions fell 8% [from 2007-08] to 768,000, while newsstand sales declined 18% to 44,233." somewhat related, in a recent interview with blender kelly clarkson admitted to peeing in the shower and checking her tissues to see what color her boogies is. (the insider)


finished junot diaz. the brief wondrous life of oscar WOW THATS A GREAT FUCKING BOOK. (WOW THATS A DUMB FUCKING JOKE). still digesting it. up until now i've almost only read Diaspora lit by south asians but this is a book that's made me rethink that. perhaps it speaks to my dominican half. (im half dominican). in any event, for dude to win a pulitzer for writing a book that uses the word "dude" in the same way I just did... to me, das crazy. das the most awesome thing ever.

junot diaz is speaking at wesleyan on april 1. (thx tito). i am vaguely considering driving up to wesleyan to see this dude speak for 45 minutes and then driving back here.

the next award-winning book im going to read and wish i wrote the entire time is:

From The Guardian: "Even before reaching the big city, Balram Halwai, the "white tiger" of the title, learns the law of the jungle and resolves to be on the eating (as opposed to the edible) side. We first meet our hero as he divulges his journey to success in an email to the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao. As Balram relates his determined ascent from a remote village to Delhi and the glorious job of chauffeur, the narrative pops and fizzes, but little more. Then, midway through, Balram warns that things are about to grow darker, and it is at this point that the 2008 Booker winner shows its true stripes. Unexceptional, if colourful, satire evolves speedily into a brooding, paranoid tale as Balram catches the scent of rich men's blood. Fantastic."

from interview with

Who are some of your literary influences? Do you identify yourself particularly as an Indian writer?

It might make more sense to speak of influences on this book, rather than on me. The influences on The White Tiger are three black American writers of the post-World War II era (in order), Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, and Richard Wright. The odd thing is that I haven't read any of them for years and years -- I read Ellison's Invisible Man in 1995 or 1996, and have never returned to it -- but now that the book is done, I can see how deeply it's indebted to them. As a writer, I don't feel tied to any one identity; I'm happy to draw influences from wherever they come.

sounds awesome enough for me... because i guess that's what im into.... black people things and indian people things processed through my brain in a white people way... i think. (IM TRYING TO FIND MYSELF.)


here are some joints, via bezt muzik blog on ze internet gvsb, that i've been jamming to frequently:

bullion - time for us all to love

j dilla - walkinonit (phaseone remix)

i think everything phaseone has touched is pretty banana-gers. here's TREE more TINGS by phaseone:

grouper :: heavy water (phaseone edit)

panda bear :: i'm not (phaseone remix)

burial :: archangel (phaseone remix)

if this is the song i think it is from some time ago, it's pretty rad too, albeit entirely different from anything above there:

the shivers - beauty

new grizzly bear thats been leaked errywhere. im thinking about pre-ordering it on vinyl but its 2 months away. might cop that company flow re-issue instead:

grizzly bear :: cheerleader

disclaimer: if im told to take these down for fucking with dudes bandwidth or some techie or copyright shit i dont know about, i'ma do that thing.

heres a video of grizz-b (as i'll call them from now on) performing "two weeks" with victoria from beach house:

\\\nothing particularly

I had a screen shot of matthew perry from the opening credits of an early season of friends here but its not loading. heres lame later-season matthew perry around vicodin-addiction era.

here are two pictures of old school indian actress madhubala aka MUMTAZ BEGUM JEHAN DEHLAVI?!?!!?!? awesome:

and heres a screen shot from chaudvin ka chand which was on the indian tv channel i fucks with last night. it was also worked into that movie 'east is east' in a kewl way. i think someone has my dvd of this shit. hit me back off if its YOO.


here'z a song from that movie. possibly one of my all-time fave song joints. ze visual accompaniment is pretty dope too. after two previous films flopped, both later praised as classics of the time, guru dutt acted and produced this film but didn't direct it -- word on the block is that he did though, and gave his DP the Director credit cuz he felt bad and didnt want another movie he directed to flop.

very similar to chaudvin ka chand was a 2:00 film called SKATE WITCHES that victor sent over yesterday. SKATE WITCHES, a film by Danny Plotnick, is about a gang of female skate boarders and their pet rats. They terrorize allll the boy skate boarders in town cuz they don't give a shiet:


a.p.c. summer 09 clothez i can't fit into:

ralph lauren rugby duffel coat... duffels are the popoff...

that's all folks.


Jeremy said...

sweet post, brah.

indie music is aite, but Kelly Clarkson is THE american idol!!!

Dap said...

sweet omnibus post mah doo!!!!

Shira said...

hima- you should've gone to see junot. honestly, would've been worth it. he speaks as well as he writes and is just so earnest/hilarious/real.

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