Monday, February 2, 2009

Music: Revisiting Here We Go Magic

I posted this a couple of weeks back though I wanted to revisit it because Here We Go Magic is that good. Here We Go Magic is Luke Temple's new project. Who is Luke Temple? Luke Temple's an American pop-folk singer-songwriter from Massachusetts. A visual artist by training, Temple's an alumnus of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and made a living by painting murals in New Yorkers apartments and shit. In 2004/5 he caught the music bug and started releasing records like Hold a Match to a Gasoline World and Snowbeast. Here We Go Magic is his latest work and it's really great.
  • via GVB, here's "Tunnelvision". It's a pretty straightforward joint with a simple acoustic progression and 4/4 drum beat but Temple's high-pitched droning voice is what makes this song as infectious as it is. I have no clue why this song sparks feelings of nostalgia within me but it does. Maybe it's the acoustic guitar, an instrument I rarely hear these days.
  • via Obscure Sound, here's “Fangela”. After playing Tunnelvision ad nauseum for the last 3 weeks, Fangela's taken over as the song I find myself humming on the john.
  • via Test Pilots, here's "I Just Want to See You Underwater". This will probably take over for Fangela in a week.

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Dap said...

Fangela is my horror movie about an old african-american gentleman's dentures that come to life and hop out of the cup next to his bed, biting kids, foiling their evil plans, whatnot.

HWGM is good, also.

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