Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Review: Animal Collective, Grand Ballroom

I was going to write this review from the perspective of a five-year-old but I scrapped it:
The show last night was a blast. I still wish I had tickets for the more intimate Bowery Ballroom but I'll take what I experienced last night any day. (Also, Xanax is great.) While they didn't play songs like "No More Running," "Bluish" or "Taste," the songs they did play from Merriweather sparked a lot of excitement. Specifically "My Girls" and "Brother Sport" hit big, though I definitely enjoyed "Summertime Clothes" and the encore of "Slippi". I was pretty taken aback by how young the crowd was. I don't know if I'm more upset about getting old or the fact that the only cool bands I knew about when I was in high school didn't really play shows because they were dead or broken up. I guess I saw Radiohead once. One cool thing was how well Panda Bear can drum while standing up. I can't drum while sitting down.
It also took a live show for me to realize how much the new record is influenced by old school House music like Frankie Knuckles and such - "urban" music in general really. GorillaVsBear put up an MP3 of Frankie Knuckles mixed with My Girls to show how similar the two were and that My Girls was possibly something of an homage to Knucks. While I enjoyed it, it was definitely the live show that made the connection clear to me... I remember some interview where Noah described Animal Collective's sound as their own form of soul music, and while seeing them live and listening to the record tons of times the last few weeks that descriptions become really appropriate to me. And who doesn't like Soul music? Nazis, that's who!
Here's a set list complete with some live recordings from the show that GvB put up and NYCTaper recorded: In The Flowers, Leaf House, Blue Sky, Guys Eyes, Summertime Clothes, Daily Routine, Lion in a Coma, Lablakely Dress, Fireworks, My Girls, Brother Sport and the Encore was Banshee Beat and Slippi. (I think)

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