Monday, January 26, 2009

Music: Lil Wayne + Music Go Music + Here We Go Magic

* Update: If you only download one of these, let it be the last one... for real.
1) New "rock song" from Lil Wayne (via Nah Right): Here's Prom Queen

2) I came across Music Go Music and their "penchant for extremely dramatic disco/prom-pop sagas" on GorillaVsBear, where I come across most new music I dig. Dude Chris from GVB's taste is very eclectic though it still hits everything I think is worth listening to: rap, dance music, occasionally singer-songwriter-type fucks, straightforward indie rock, ambient stuff, reissues of bands you find while digging through crates, anything related to Animal Collective, and great bands led by girls - like Music Go Music who've been compared to ELO a lot. Their frontwoman, Gala Bell, may or may not be from Bodies of Water. Peep these three joints:
  • Light of Love, via label Secretly Canadian, is infectious as shit and I can't get it out of my brain.
  • Reachout, via Gorilla Vs Bear, is an epic little jawn that sounds, as GvsB put it, like it's off the Xanadu soundtrack. This is a good thing apparently?
  • Warm in the Shadows, via Secretly Canadian, is much more of a dance song than what you'd expect from these guys and it's still fucking great.
3) Of an entirely different vein, and blowing up these days, is Luke Temple's new project Here We Go Magic. Doods have been playing shows with Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear's Department of Eagles. This little diddy's been stuck in my brain all morning: Tunnelvision.

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